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Flexmeters Can Reduce Fractures 67% to 85%*
Broken Wrists are the most common snowboard injury, especially for beginners. Last year there were over 100,000 snowboard wrist injuries worldwide.

Beginner snowboarders have 4 times the risk of a wrist injury.
Flexmeter – Measured Flex to reduce snowboard wrist injuries

Flexmeter is the ONLY snowboard wrist guard / glove designed by a DOCTOR,
AND with PROVEN research RESULTS.  
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“The Dangerous Realities that Exist on the Slopes” From The Coloradoan article, 1/26/08
“Do wrist guards help prevent injuries, if so what kind, and do people actually wear them?

The best ones are those that are not rigid, extend up the forearm and ideally sit along the back of your hand and wrist, not under your palm…. ISSS doctors have created two wrist guards recommended – the Flexmeter ….”
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Colorado Orthopedic Surgeon Warns of Wrist Injuries From Snowboarding
GOLDEN, Colo., Jan.– If all snowboarders wore wrist guards, Dr. Christopher Brian would be a lot less busy this time of year… “Each year I’m surprised by the number of wrist and forearm injuries I see from snowboarding …

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Flexmeter – Snowboard and Skateboard with confidence.
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Flexmeter recently won a  “BrandNew” award at the world’s largest snowboard trade show, ISPO, in Munich, Germany.

A new type of flexible wrist guard gives you true shock absorption to significantly reduce snowboard wrist fractures — unlike normal wrist guards.

After 5-years of development by doctor Marc Binet, MD, in cooperation with DuPont engineering, the new Flexmeter wrist guards and gloves are a response to Dr. Binet’s direct clinical experience in the heart of the French Alps.

After diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating thousands of snowboard wrist fractures over the past ten years, Dr. Binet noticed two patterns:

Those who don’t use wrist guards typically have
fractures located 2 cm from the wrist joint – within the growth-plate zone of the bones. Clinical research suggests no effect on future bone growth, but the fracture can be debilitating, requiring months of rehabilitation and loss of time snowboarding.
Those who use standard snowboard wrist guards
typically have fractures that are exaggerated by the high stress-concentration that’s generated by their rigid or semi-rigid designs, many times requiring surgery.

Dr. Binet’s solution is a new category of  wrist guards.

Made of energy-absorbing DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic elastomer, a 2-stage flex-zone, and a tapered beam shape – the potentially injurious loads from snowboard falls are re-directed and spread-out more uniformly over the entire wrist and forearm to help reduce the incidence of wrist fractures. An extensive “prospective” research study currently underway by “Medicins de Montage” (Mountain Doctors), a group of 52 volunteer physicians based in Publier, France, suggests a 60% reduction in snowboard wrist fractures with the use of Flexmeter elastic wrist guards and gloves!

Presently, over 5,000 pair of Flexmeter elastic wrist guards and gloves have been sold in Europe, beginning February, 2003.

Flexmeter recently won a  “BrandNew” award at the world’s largest snowboard trade show, ISPO, in Munich, Germany.


Sadly, people don’t realize the true anguish of a wrist or forearm injury.   The pain, time lost, and ‘overall’ cost of these injuries can be shocking. In my medical practice I care for patients every year, who need weeks of recovery or surgery for fractures that this product can help minimize or prevent.”

Greg E. Paul, MD
Bellevue, WA , January 2007
read more Flexmeter testimonials and the full text of this one Hi Lauren,
I wanted to email you and add my testimonial to the huge list of positive feedback already on your site…
Patrick G., Charlottesville Virginia,January 2008read more Flexmeter testimonials and the full text of this one Flexmeters Video Ad   “Got the Flexmeters, and just used them for three great days at the Burton Women’s LTR camp at Stratton (VT). Everyone wanted to know where I got them! Thanks again.
“The Flexmeters are great – I felt really secure out there. A lot of people I was riding with weren’t wearing wrist guards, and wished they were by the end of the day!”  – Clare Duffy, March 2005
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Background Information/Research:

Unlike standard snowboard wrist guards, which are an off-shoot of semi-rigid skate wrist guards, the new Flexmeter “elastic” wrist guards have a patent-pending, two-stage flex zone that allow near-normal wrist movement. Then, during severe wrist bending (hyperflexion) occurring during snowboard falls – and sometimes even during uncontrolled snowboard maneuvers – the second flex zone comes into play, changing the flex resistance of the elastic wrist guards and spreading the potential-injury-load over the full length of the elastic wrist guard, wrist and forearm, greatly reducing the chance of wrist and arm fractures.

Leading sports research epidemiologists (1) agree that wrist fractures are the #1 snowboarding injury, comprising 25% (men) to 50% (women) of all snowboard injuries.  The difference in the number of injuries between men and women is due to wrist physiology.  Snowboard wrist fractures are evenly distributed by skill because beginners unconsciously extend their arms in an attempt to brace many falls – while experts fall rarely, but with high impact energy.

Research studies (2) place the total number of snowboard wrist fractures at 95,000, worldwide, last year!

“With the advent of this new category of “elastic” wrist guards – by Flexmeter – and their eventual diffusion into the snowboard market, there could be a notable reduction in wrist fractures and overall snowboard injuries, long term.  For safety conscious parents, the elimination of the typical $6,000 medical bill associated with this injury could be a notable bonus.   Industry wide, the reduction of over half a billion dollars in injuries could be a major plus for the sport of snowboarding”, says Rick Howell, distributor of Flexmeter in the U.S. and Canada.
Stowe Reporter, Feb 5, 2004.

Flexmeter is a registered trademark of Skimeter.
Hytrel is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Flexmeter is patent-pending.

Peer-reviewed scientific research papers:

(1) Shealy, J.E., Ettlinger, C.F. and Buonomo, V.,
“Epidemiology of Snowboarding Injuries: 1988 to 1995”,
Skiing Trauma and Safety: Tenth Volume, ASTM STP

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* (3) Binet, MH, Laporte, JD, Constans, D, “French Skiing Safety Network”
Publication pending in Proceedings of ISSS (International Society for Safety in Snowsport), 2004.


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