Jan 172013

Did you know that 25% or more of snowboard injuries occur to the wrist?

And that wearing snowboard wrist guards is a proven way to reduce snowboard wrist injury?

Here is an online brochure written by some of the top hand, wrist and elbow physicians in the country. The brochure features safety and injury prevention strategies by orthopedic surgeons at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR), who see a record number of winter sports wrist and hand injuries this time of year.

Drs. Mark Cohen, John Fernandez, and Robert Wysocki, upper extremity physicians at MOR, are hoping this brochure will help keep winter outdoors enthusiasts safe while on the slopes and rinks.  The pointers found in the brochure include information on how to get the proper gear, how to stay in control and how to be cautious of your surroundings.


To find the brochure log on to and look for the link. Or go to the PDF here.

And to order snowboard wrist protection designed by a doctor: snowboard wrist guards and snowboard gloves with wrist guards built-in, go to

See the video “Are Flexmeter Gloves Warm?” here.