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I just want to say this was a very good newsletter and it’s good to see you still keeping it up! I brought two friends over from the dark side of skiing in the last two weeks and forwarded them your article on safety gear. So thanks!! Have an awesome season!”
Dan M,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
December 2008

I love this site it rocks

Greg F.
November 2007

This site is great and Lauren – you are SOOOO helpful!
I wish I’d discovered snowboarding earlier. I’m 34 now and I thought I’d seen the last of my ‘rad’ days when I sold my BMX 19 years ago…….
Only been ‘boarding 8 weeks now but I love it. Can’t wait to get back onto the piste next season….!!!!
Stuart Clarke
April 2007

Thank you for the excellent customer service, and informative web site.

Paul K
Denver, CO
Jan. 2007

Hey Lauren,

I’m from Vermont but I’m currently in Utah for college. I just want to tell you that your website is absolutely amazing! There’s so much info and everything is so easy to find. Thanks!

Monique Hyman
VT, Utah
November 2006

They (Flexmeter wrist guards) are both great, and I really feel safe.

(Used for ice skating.)
Helen M.
Greenfield Center, NY
November 2006

Hi Lauren!
I’m from Puerto Rico a tropical island, so you know i have to fly to US to snowboard!! i give your web to all my friends and they love it. You have a fan club here with your website. I’m a big fan of Gretchen Bleiler, Shaun White and Kelly Clark, and i admire you because you know all of them. Ill check your web in some minutes, so thanks for reply so fast.

Take care,
Jess Delgado
Puerto Rico
June 2006

Dear Lauren,
I think it is great what you’re doing and the site is very informative. I’ve
been spreading the words among my snowboarding community, I think you help
break the stereotype that people has about snowboarder of being “lazy or
laidback” and can’t come up with a site like yours. I think that now that
our favorite season come into the close, you should keep the group going
(until snow return) like having a “meetup” group on

Saran N.
Organizer NY Snowboard Meetup Group at
April 2005

note: Lauren was inspired by Saran to start the “New York North and Connecticut Snowboard Meetup Group.” Checkitout at

After checking out your site, I was very impressed.
You have great content, tons of information. It was very obvious to me that you knew
what you were doing with your site.
Dave B.
May 2005

i am a sponsered rider and i love your site but u should cover more events.

Ryan K.
New Jersey
May 2006

Dear Ryan,
We cover LOTS of events. Just look here!
Thanks for the props!

I been riding for 2 years. I found this website because i try to find more pictures of Shaun White and Gretchen Bleiler so when i write it on the search i saw this link and i enter. I love your website Lauren, i recommended it to my friends and they love it too. Congrats!!
May 2006

Hi Lauren,
I enjoyed your article about attending Roxy Camp.

You are very entertaining and interesting to read.

Deb D.S.
Hampstead, NH
May 2006

Hello Lauren,
Teaching is why I came across your site. I was looking for some
documentation about wrist injuries and found some helpful stuff on your

Thanks for putting up a great site.

Monty L.
San Jose/ Kirkwood, CA
April 2006

Hi Lauren,
This is Matt S. from Albany New York I love your emails [Snowboard Szine] and all the cool comments you make. As for this season I think its pretty much kicked. As far as future seasons go drop me a line i would love to ride with the all mighty Lauren.
Good times see ya……

Matt S.
Albany, New York
April 2006

So I just want to say congratulations, for your website. I check almost every day, I always find something new, something different and also something to help me with some links and so on… i really appreciate!

Marianna C.
Albany, NY
April 2006

Thanks again for the gloves! They are amazing! Will pass your website on to the team!
Ordered a Medium [Flexmeter Glove] and it works great! Love them!

Catherine R.
Spokane, W.
April 2006

Thanks Lauren! Lots of cool info. I like the whole friendly vibe to it all.

Peace G.
March 2006

Hello Lauren,

I love your web page, and I am learning a lot from it. I been riding for 4 years and I love the sport. But What I realize after reading your page is that when I am wearing my protection and helmet I can go faster and I am not scared of trying new things.

Sebastian A.
Brooklyn, NY
March 2006

Hi Lauren how are you?

so i was checking your website, and I want to tell you, it’s very cool, and has a lot of information!!

keep in touch!

and if needs some help…

thanks, Marianna
Albany, NY
March 2006

My roommate’s girlfriend broke both wrists snowboarding, so I don’t need any convincing that a good wrist guard is worth it.

Thank you,
David F.
March 2006

Feb, 2006

Hi Lauren,
I just wanted to thank you for creating I’m 45 years old and I had tried snowboarding before finding your site but I got so beat up from falling, I was afraid to try it again. I thought I was too old or something. Then I found your site and followed your advice and got kneepads, an Azzpadz, flexmeter gloves and a helmet. My next snowboarding experience was completely pain-free and was much more fun! Now I’m hooked! So thanks!

Vienna, VA. I snowboard at Wintergreen VA

Hi Chris,
So nice to get your letter. I do work so hard on the site! Glad the protection is working. That is why I started the site. To share the info that no one else will tell you because they think you have to get beat up snowboarding to pay your dues. Balderdash!
Thanks again!


I loved your recommendations on protective gear – I can’t tell you how many times I was told that “falling will toughen you up”.  Maybe when I was 16 – many, many moons ago – but now it just leaves me bruised and battered.  Thank you for bringing proper perspective on this – lack of proper padding would have finished me before I had even given snowboarding a chance!  That article alone convinced me that this was a site worth reading “cover to cover” so to speak.

Christine J
Jan, 2006

Dear Lauren,

I’d like to compliment you on your product and service.

1) You took my call after business hours to answer my questions.
2) You shipped my order w/in 1 business day.
3) My order arrived in Singapore, by regular mail, 5 business days later.
4) The quality of the flexmeter wrist guard is excellent and it is very durable.

My broken wrist was still in a cast when I ordered the wrist flexmeter guard from you. I needed it specifically for a vacation I was taking with my family. We went to Phuket, Thailand, two weeks after the cast came off. I used the brace while canoeing, jet-skiing, horse-back riding, body surfing, boogie boarding, and most risky of all… playing with my two kids. Since then I’ve worn it while swimming laps and jungle running here in Singapore.

While its water dynamics aren’t stellar, the wrist guard wears well and still looks new. Most importantly, I have 100% confidence that you have sold me the best wrist protection currently available. As for me, I’ve proven its not just for snowboarding.

I would recommend your company and the flexmeter product to anyone.

Kind Regards, Greg

Gregory O’Brien
Jan, 2006

P.S. If you recall, I am a large man with a small frame. The large size is a good snug fit on me. I’m glad you told me not to go with the medium. The medium would have been too small.