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Hey there Lauren,
Flexmeter Wrist GuardsI’m a beginner snowboarder, never been, and after picking up a helmet, I failed to think of wrists. I’ve heard good things about Flexmeter’s, but I’ve got a question as to which pair I should be looking into, the Single Split or the All Season Double splints. Any recommendations here? Any help or information you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
John S.

Hi John,

Sorry for the delay. I had to wait until I got to a real computer, too hard to type on my tablet. The Flexmeter single splint wrist guards will protect you fine. They are the ones that were originally designed to protect snowboarder’s wrists by Dr. Binet. They are the ones that were tested and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries by 67 to 85%.
And remember that beginning snowboarders have a 4 times greater chance of a wrist injury than more experienced riders.
The Flexmeter All Season wrist guards were designed for skateboarders, to give some light protection on the palm side. They are also great for people who want a little extra protection while snowboarding, and my customers who are doctors, pianists; anyone who works a lot with their hands often choose them. Also, people coming back from wrist injuries might wear them for their first season back.
I always recommend buying the Flexmeter gloves with wrist guards built-in if you can, versus the wrist guards,The gloves are the “Cadillac” of the line and the easiest to use. If not you will need a glove with a wide opening to accommodate the wrist guards. We  sell mitts that fit over the Flexmeter wrist guards. We also sell a Flexmeter glove with the double or All Season wrist guards built-in.
 Booty_Guard explains the physiological forces at work in a snowboard wrist injury, and specifically recommends Flexmeter products.
As a beginner I recommend tailbone protection too, and I sell Azzpadz and Booty Guards.   And get some good knee pads too to keep the pressure off your wrists when falling. Do read my article “You Don’t Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard” and watch my video on that page.  And yes, a helmet is mandatory, of course.
Good luck with your first snowboard outing. Let me know how it goes!
Lauren Traub Teton
editor, owner, SnowboardSecrets.comSnowboardSecrets.TV, and other snowboard sites.

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