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snow sports and cleavage.

Sketchy D says “I think Snow Cleavage is a really good idea!”

SnowCleavage – episodes listed below

Snow Cleavage:
the area between a woman’s breasts, esp. when revealed by a low-cut neckline and observed at a snow resort or snow event.

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Snow Cleavage is for women and men to enjoy!
It’s good clean fun and makes us feel good! We need that now!

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Cleavage is fashionable! They even did an article on it on The View on TV.

Cleavage is ubiquitous these days, even appearing in high schools.

But cleavage is too often missing from snow fashion!
So we aim to bring everyone’s favorite subject to the slopes – or at least inside the lodge.

SnowCleavage – episodes listed below

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Episodes for Viewing


Miss Snow Cleavage Spring 2009 is Crowned!
Killington, Vermont. A sunny warm spring day on Great Eastern. A beautiful girl rode by on her board with a pink shirt and her torso bare. We found she was a swimsuit and dance contest winner, and was beautiful and adorable! Our winner for Miss Snow Cleavage Spring 2009 is Holly Amber Siegel. See her here!

Las Vegas during SIA* is the land of Snow Cleavage. We got great footage at the world’s epicenter of snow cleavage (and all other cleavage too!)
*SIA is the Snow Sports Industry Association annual trade show.

Snow Fashionable Vegas SIA 2009 Party ScenePart 3
It’s party time at SIA. Join Lauren and Laurie as we dance through a couple of parties, talk with O’Neill team manager Max Henault about his protege Sebastien Toutant, see snow cleavage and pole dancing,and ride the elevator.

Danny Kass & Grenade Visit for Snow Fashionable VEGAS SIA 2009 and more Part 2Cavort through SIA with us on Thursday, January 29, 2009 as Danny Kass shows us the new Grenade line, and we meet Alex Masterson, the lovely brains behind Bitch Boards. Betty Rides is modeled by the dancing snowboard duo of Lauren and Laurie. And some Vegas Snow Cleavage, just for fun.

Snow Vegas – SIA 2009 for  Part 1
Join us on this high energy romp through SIA on Wednesday January 28, 2009 as we visit with Sketchy-D, Gene Simmons, Nima Jalali, Kate of Betty Rides, and more. See Snow Cleavage and tons of new snowboard fashion and style for the 2009-2010 snowboard season. Check out the other days of SIA here too. Watch for other episodes posted soon.


Sexy Snowboards and SnowCleavage
Burton Love Board “Tennis Girl” revealed, Rome Artifact Peep Show Boards revealed, Capita “topless jumper” revealed, at the Darkside, and real live women and snow cleavage discovered at the Wobbly Barn at Killington, Jan. 2009.

The Discovery of SnowCleavage
December 2008, at The Darkside, Killington, Vermont

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