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Snowboard Accessories and Travel Helpers:

Snowboard Wrist Protection

by Flexmeter

Full hand Wrist Protection 

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 Protect Your Tailbone

For Snowboarding

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Transport your Snowboard Gear Easily
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Snowboard and Other DVD’s:
Open 3 Snowboard DVDIf you missed the 2002, 2003, 2004 Opens, THERE’S NO PLACE ELSE YOU CAN SEE THEM!



ON DVD – SEE THE LATEST BIG TRICKS by THE WORLD’S TOP ATHLETES in the most anticipated competition of the snowboard season

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Momentous Occasions Snowboard DVD

(excerpt from the DVD jacket)
“TFR has been known in the underground for years. In a time when everyone is trying to sell us the next best thing, TFR takes it back to the roots. Sharing with you simple yet elegant styles of riding. A series of momentous occasions.”

Featuring riding styles of: Eric Breton, Adam Breton, Brian Thibeault, Cliff Harding, Brett Christie, Vance Billings, John Roderick, and friends.
Lauren says: I’ve watched dozens of snowboard DVDs. They get “samey” after a while. But this one is different. The guys from Sunday River, Maine, have soul, and show it in this terrific home grown film.
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Woodstock Tattoo and Arts Festivalfeaturing “Rides of Passage”

 Snowboard Art Exhibit

$46.00 includes S&H to US


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Why lug heavy bulky items on a trip?

Why wait in long airport check-in and security lines?
Sports Express will have your snowboards, gear bags,and  luggage (skis, golf clubs, bikes too! ) picked up at your home, and delivered to your destination. It’s convenient, guaranteed and worry-free.

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