Tailbone Protection by Booty Guard


Something you should know about Snowboarding:


You gotta protect your TAILBONE!!!

With Booty Guard !

Because a bruised tailbone is no fun!!

And it takes a long time to heal!

Booty Guard,  for snowboarding,  ice skating, roller derby, skateboarding! Also known as BootyGuard Tailbone Protectors.

*High Quality Protection!
*One Size fits All!
* Perfect for beginners to experts!
* Low price is budget friendly

Booty Guard slips easily down inside the back of your snow (or other) pants, and stays in place over your long johns, with an adjustable strap belted waist. See Booty Guard inventor Denis Lemek put on Booty Guard at Gore Mountain here!

Booty Guard absorbs shock that happens when snowboarders (and others) fall backward.

The great part is  that one size fits all, so buy one for yourself, your friend, your family, your mailman, and your whole roller derby team lol!
It’s the perfect gift for yourself, and anyone who snowboards, or participates in other sports and values sitting down! Because a bruised tailbone is no fun!! And BEGINNER SNOWBOARDERS FALL DOWN A LOT!

Booty Guard was invented by snowboarder Denis Lemek, and is proudly brought to you by Sport Secrets LLC,  seller of top snowboard safety and protective gear such as Flexmeters Wrist Guards and CRT – Concussion Reduction Technology.
Booty Guard sells for $26 plus shipping, and we can ship anywhere!

Benefits of Booty Guard Tailbone Protector
Absorbs the shock of a fall
Helps prevent bruising
Easy to put on, and take off – no need to remove boots
One size fits all
Protection at a reasonable price
Invented and sold to you by snowboarders

Booty Guard sells for $26 plus shipping, and we can ship anywere!

FedEx (USA only)
  FedEx 2nd Day Service – to U.S. addresses only – $12 additional
  Please email first to see if FedEx 2nd day is available.
Order arrives 2nd weekday day from shipping day, not order day (eg. shipped Tues. = arrival Thurs.)

Ship to Canada

For WIDER, harder tailbone and buttock protection, try AZZpadz!
Azzpadz are great for beginning snowboarders, older snowboarders who want more protection, and more daring snowboarders!!
$56 plus shipping. We can ship anywhere!azzpadz

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