Flexmeter Sizing Guide


Choosing Flexmeter Glove or Mitten Sizes:

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Flexmeter/Docmeter Gloves with Wrist Guards Intergrated are our Top-of-the-Line Product for Snowboard Wrist Protection!

To select the best size for you, measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm.  (The base of your palm is where your skin creases when you bend your hand forward over your wrist).

Next, select your size from these  guidelines:

Finger Length

SMALL – Up to 17.5 cm  (about 7 inches)
MEDIUM – 17.5cm to 20.0 cm (about 7 inches to 8 inches)
LARGE- More than 20.0 cm (about 8 inches)

Hand Circumference

Use a measuring tape and measure the widest part of the hand without the thumb to determine your hand circumference. (Remember that circumference is the distance AROUND the hand, top and bottom.

SMALL – Less than 18 cm (7 inches) :
MEDIUM  – Between 18 and 19.75 cm (7 inches – 7.75) :
LARGE – More than 20 cm (about 8 inches)

Flexmeter Wrist Guard Sizing

Small Flexmeter Wrist Guard: Typically  suitable for children, but also for slender adult females with slim wrists under height of 5’3″.
Thumb Web to Middle Wrist Flexline of wrist guard – 2.5 inches / 6.35 cm. Length of Hytrel Splint – 7 inches / 17.78 cm

Medium Flexmeter Wrist Guard: Typically suitable for teenagers, or adults with smaller wrists – men and women taller than height of 5″3″ and less than 5’6″.
Thumb Web to Middle Wrist Flexline of wrist guard – 3.25 inches / 8.25 cm
Length of Hytrel Splint- 8.25 inches / 21 cm

Large Flexmeter Wrist Guard: Typically suitable for adults with larger hands and wrists. and taller than 5’6″.
Thumb Web to Middle Wrist Flexline of wrist guard – 3.5 inches / 9 cm
Length of Hytrel Splint – 9 inches / 23. cm

Check the Fit
When you receive your Flexmeter Wrist Guards, put them on and tighten the straps, then check to see that the “Flex Zone” of the wrist guard lines up with the part of your wrist that bends upward.
And check that the top of the wrist guard near your knuckles does not extend past your knuckles, or it will be uncomfortable when you fall.

If you Need to Exchange for Size
You can return your Flexmeters Products for size exchange within 30 days of purchase date  if you have not worn them. The quickest easiest thing to do is to order the new size you need, and email us asking us to send a return envelope. You pay the postage, and when we receive your return we’ll send you a refund.

Will YOUR Glove or Mitten FIT over Flexmeter Wrist Guards?
Please note that Flexmeter Wrist Guards are worn UNDER your snowboard gloves. You probably need a larger snowboard glove with a wide opening to fit over the Flexmeter Wrist Guard. We sell warm Flexmeter mittens and gloves designed to go over Flexmeter Wrist Guards.

Or choose our Top-of-the-Line product, the Flexmeter Glove with Single Wrist Protection integrated right into the glove, or the Flexmeter Glove with Double Wrist Protection integrated right into the glove. These are easier to wear because you just slide them on, and give the strap a pull to tighten in one easy operation.
The Flexmeter Glove with Wrist Guard integrated is what I wear!
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