Tuning your Snowboard / Waxing your Snowboard

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WHY tune your snowboard?

Tuning your board and waxing your board will ensure that your board gives you the best ride possible. It will give you that “new board” feel even on an older board. It can mean the difference between falling down painfully on icy hardpack or riding smoothly and confidently. I know this for a fact because I was riding with a friend whose board needed edges, while mine had just been sharpened. She was a better rider than me, but kept falling down because her board couldn’t grip into the ice.

Did you know that sometimes when the snow is TOO cold, it makes you go slow? If you ride at 0 degrees F temperatures, the right wax will keep you from slowing down. If you ride sticky spring conditions, keeping the brown gook off the base will keep you gliding on the flats, while your friends have to skate.
Take care of your board, and it will take care of you.


4 Easy Steps for Basic Edge and Base Maintenance of Your Snowboard
Get your board professionally tuned and then maintain it yourself between tune-ups

Basic Edge & Base Maintenance in…4 EASY STEPS

This guide is meant for those who want performance from their skis and boards with a minimum investment of time.

At the beginning of the season, visit your local shop for stone grind, hot wax and 2° side edge bevel (this bevel will aid edging and will fit the 88° KUU Ice Buster). A 0° side bevel and a 90° Ice Buster is also an option.

You will need; Clean dry cloth, KUU Pocket DMT, Diamond Stone (coarse/blue – K616W or extra coarse/black – K617 W), KUU 88° – K101C or 90° Ice Buster – K100C, KUU Biocitron base cleaner – K122C, KUU White Lightening Base Wax- K208C (Alpine rub on wax) or KUU Speed Cream – K318 S (Snowboard rub on wax). The cost of these products is approx. $65.00 Cdn.

After every visit to the slopes there are a few easy steps that you can follow to keep your board in its best working condition.

1– Wipe boards and bindings with a clean dry cloth (always store your equipment dry).

2 – Swipe the side edge with the 88° or 90° KUU Ice Buster (with the KUU Diamond Stone in place) from tip to tail. If you don’t know how hard to push or how long to use the Ice Buster, mark on your side edges with a permanent marker and swipe the Ice Buster back and forth until the marker is removed. Your edge will then be sharp. If you gently brush your thumb pad across the edge, but not length wise, you will feel what a sharp edge feels like. When you become accustomed to the feel of a sharp edge, you will no longer have to mark the edge with a marker before you begin sharpening and you will also be able to determine if and how much sharpening is needed in the future.

3 – Spray the base with KUU Biocitron base cleaner and wipe clean and dry.

4 – Evenly spread the KUU White lightening or Speed Cream until the wax disappears into the base. Allow 5 minutes to dry.

If you are on the slopes more than 10 times a year, it is a good idea to have a mid season visit to the shop to determine if the bases and edges are in need of repair and to have a hot wax to protect the bases and restore optimum glide performance.




Download a comprehensive Board Tuning Manual –
How to Get Speed and Edge Grip
by KUUsport Mfg. (They invented the waxing iron, so they must know what they’re talking about!)