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So, what are some Snowboard Secrets?”

Hey Readers,
I often meet someone new, and tell them that my website is called And they reply “well, what are some snowboard secrets?”
And then I get all conflicted because I really DO KNOW snowboard secrets, but I can’t go telling everybody that I just met what they are.

For example, I know some great snowboarding runs that are not on the map, or that you may not know about but should. I don’t want to broadcast that kind of info on the Internet. Or when the word gets out you’ll start seeing flash-mobs show up at our secret powder stashes. Also, I know some resorts that are better than others for snowboarders, and that’s not the kind of thing I want to tell the whole world either. That’s info to tell a select group. And I have my own opinions about who are the nicest, and best looking people in snowboarding, and that’s the kind of good word I’ll share.

I ride over 30 days a season, and attend many snowboard events, big and small. I ride in the Eastern US and Out West and in Europe (but mostly in the East, which I adore!) I ride at a different mountain almost every time out. I can share good info about these subjects with you.

In The Real Snowboard Secrets I will be writing about and sharing what I know and have learned about snowboarding since I started riding years ago. And in case you didn’t get this from reading my website, I am having the time of my life snowboarding!

I can tell you how to have the maximum amount of fun on the snow! Snowboarding is not just for kids, you know! Unless you have a posse to snowboard with, you might be out there mostly alone, trying to learn things that I can share. Not tricks, there are loads of trick tips online. I can help you with the other things that will make your snowboarding life better!

Who else is providing this kind of information about snowboarding?

We all read the glossy snowboard magazines. But that world that you see in the mags, of high end, high fashion snowboarding rarely intersects my world. Or yours.
My snowboarding life is about riding, not the personality cult of a small number of pro stars that we read about in magazines, and see pictures of as tiny dots against white cliffs or dark skies.

I like meeting and reading about the pros, but …

Who is talking to you about how to have the most possible fun snowboarding, even if you’re not boosting 1080’s off the QP and doing handplants in the pipe?

ME, that’s who!

This publication will be short and to the point. Who has time to keep up with long reads these days? Especially when there’s snow out there for us?
The Real Snowboard Secrets will contain the kind of info you won’t get in the glossy mags or anywhere else.

You will enjoy it and get real value from The Real Snowboard Secrets. Or your money back. Order it now, so you can maximize your snowboard fun!

Sincerely yours,
Lauren Traub Teton
Editor/Writer and The Real Snowboard Secrets

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