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Style, and Happenings
Fall 2008 Episodes to Watch

Torstein Horgmo interview, Red Bull SnowScrapers NYC, Feb 5, 2009
World’s shortest interview with Dew Tour Slopestyle Winner Torstein Horgmo  on location at Snowscrapers in NYC. Horgmo placed 2nd at SnowScrapers. Also here is Daniel Eck from Norway who placed 5th in one of his first big US competitions.

Kevin Casillo of Grenade interview for Snow Fashionable
AT SIA in Vegas Kevin Casillo, Grenade homeboy, rocks his signature skinny pants, black stealth hoodie, leather jacket, sunglasses, and new Grenade solid gold neck bling as he shares his fashion philosophy with Lauren.

Snow Fashionable Vegas SIA 2009 Friday
Geary Snow Bike. “the future of snow sports” with Mike Love, O’Neill fashions, Burton 2010 boards and clothes including the, Yale Cousino Burton jacket, snow cleavage, and more.

Snow Fashionable Vegas SIA 2009 Party Scene Part 3
It’s party time at SIA. Join Lauren and Laurie as we dance through a couple of parties, talk with O’Neill team manager Max Henault about his protege Sebastien Toutant, see snow cleavage and pole dancing,and ride the elevator.

Danny Kass & Grenade Visit for Snow Fashionable VEGAS SIA 2009 and more Part 2Cavort through SIA with us on Thursday, January 29, 2009 as Danny Kass shows us the new Grenade line, and we meet Alex Masterson, the lovely brains behind Bitch Boards. Betty Rides is modeled by the dancing snowboard duo of Lauren and Laurie. And some Vegas Snow Cleavage, just for fun.

Snow Vegas – SIA 2009 for StyleSampler. Part 1
Join us on this high energy romp through SIA on Wednesday January 28, 2009 as we visit with Sketchy-D, Gene Simmons, Nima Jalali, Kate of Betty Rides, and more. See Snow Cleavage and tons of new snowboard fashion and style for the 2009-2010 snowboard season. Check out the other days of SIA here too – watch for other episodes posted soon.

Dew Tour at Mount Snow Jan 2009 with Snow Fashionable Part 1
Join us for Snow Fashionable at the Dew Tour as we interview members of the Grenade Army and others about their style, and see Torstein Horgmo work his winning magic in slopestyle. 1/9-1/11/2009

Dew Tour Part 2
It’s all about the one-piece snowboard outfit this season. See Doug Bishop, rail park impresario of Canada work his purple one-piece, see the Fox Lane Crew expound on fashion, see the styley snowboards of Mount Snow, and more.1/9-1/11/2009

Snow Cleavage is here!
Snow Cleavage revealed, in killer fashion videos from the Dark Side snowboard shop at Killington, Vermont, The Wobbly Barn at Killington, and more. See Sexy Snowboards here too!

Snow Fashionable at Hunter Mountain, NY – Snowboard Fashion Shoot hosted by Lauren Traub Teton 12/2008

” You Look Fabulous”  Windham Mountain, NY
Fashion Shoot hosted by Lauren Traub Teton 12/2008

Snow Fashionable at Stratton Mountain –  Snowboard Fashion Shoot hosted by Lauren Traub Teton 12/2008

Snowboard Pro Interviews
Interviews on video with Shaun White, Danny Kass, Yale Cousino and Ross Powers, for
by Lauren Traub Teton at US Open, Grand Prix at Mountain Creek, Podium Snowbpard Shop, and Snowboard Camps . Snowboard Safety Gear Tips Video. “You Don’t Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard” by Lauren Traub Teton

It doesn’t get much better than
Snow Cleavage
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snowsports, and cleavage. Because the only thing missing from snowsports is…CLEAVAGE!
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