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1. Mission Statement & Overview of our Snowboard Websites –
Winter 2005 – 2006

Mission Statement: was started in April 2003 by Lauren
Traub Teton, as a resource of original content articles, to share the joys
of snowboarding with readers, and to encourage those not in the “traditional
snowboard demographic” to give this fantastic sport a try.

Overview: The website has grown to over 100 pages in size, and spawned
several other online resources for snowboarders (listed below) as rider
needs and solutions became apparent.

The sites are provided free as a service to our riding readers and (elusive)
profit is not by any means our main motivator. Our site visits are growing
fast, often doubling month over month of the previous year.

A few select products that we use and heartily endorse are for sale at to help pay the rent.

We appreciate your media coverage of our sites!

Lauren Traub Teton
Creator, Editor, Owner
NASJA Member

or call 914 764-0115
Bio available upon request.

Online Resources for Snowboarders


A snowboard “mega” site with over 100 pages, designed to help readers evolve
as snowboarders while keeping them entertained. Articles such as “You Don¹t
Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard,” first-hand coverage of events like the
US Open, rail jams, parties and more. Fashion features, Q and A with
Experts, interviews with pros, snowboard checklist, “How to Unpack Your Car
in 5 Minutes” article, and more.

The Snowboard Szine newsletter is available free by subscription and will
give readers “a slice” of what¹s happening on the slopes and off.
Subscribe here.

Archives here.


3.  Stop Snowboard Crime!  Register your boards at
(as mentioned in Snowboarder magazine!)

The was designed so that board owners can post their
snowboard serial numbers online when their boards are safe. If their boards
disappear, we post “missing” next to their board description.
It¹s easy to find your serial number online if you need to report a missing
board to the police, even if you¹re away from home.

Before buying a used board, check The to make sure
it¹s not one that was reported stolen. It¹s bad karma to ride a stolen


This will be the third season for the “Biggest Snowboard Events Calendar
Online.” Last year over 200 events were listed on the East Coast Calendar
alone. Last year a “California” section was added to the

Events are competitions, camps, clinics, parties, and other special events.
The calendar was designed to be easy to read and uses color coding for the
different states.


Winners of snowboard events can pop up from anywhere.
As a journalist covering a snowboard event, have you ever tried to get
background info on an upstart competitor, and you can¹t find a thing online?
This happened to me at the US Open last winter. So I conceived this new

This will be a database of profiles of snowboard pros and sponsored riders.

All of the above sites are written, edited, and owned by Lauren Traub Teton,
with a little help from her friends.