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Snowbaording photos by Ilana Sochaczewski (#1) and Ziggy Zygarowski (#3&5)
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Lucas Magoon wins R2R

Lucas Magoon wins R2R

Shaun White and Lauren Teton at the 2006 US Open of Snowboarding

Shaun White and Lauren Teton at the 2006 US Open of Snowboarding

Chris Rotax and Yale Cousino by Ziggy

Chris Rotax and Yale Cousino by Ziggy

Andy Finch and Lauren

Andy Finch and Lauren


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SnowboardSecrets.TV has arrived!!

 …and Lauren is the “Oprah of the Snow” with her on- location video interviews of snowboard athletes, snowboard fashionistas, and assorted characters unique to the world of snowboarding.

Miss Snow Cleavage Spring 2009 is crowned! See here here!


To see our early winter 2009 videos including some of the “edgier” material that will not make it onto SnowboardSecretsTV, check out Channel SnowboardLT on

* Snowboard Fashion Videos here
* Snowboarder Interviews with Shaun White, Danny Kass, Yale Cousino, Ross Power interviewed by Lauren Traub Teton as reporter for here

* Snowboard Safety Gear Tips Video here. Snowboard Wrist Guards, Tailbone Protector, more.

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You Don’t Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard – Do you think you have to suffer pain and injury to learn to snowboard? Think again! Read this article. See the vid.  Especially if you’re over 25!
Snowboard Crossword Puzzle Check out the world’s first online snowboard crossword puzzle, created for the Grand Prix at Killington and the US Open 2008
Snowboard Events Calendar The Largest Online – Don’t miss out on fun events. See over 200 listings here. East Coast and California. Easy to read format!
Shopping in the Mini-Mall – Our Favorite Snowboard Gear and Films.
Checklist Ever get  to the hill and find you forgot your pants? Print out this snowboard checklist and make sure you have what it takes.
Snowboard Articles Places we’ve been, things we’ve seen in the snowboarding world. Avalanche advice, snowboarder owned hotels, snowboarding poker players and lots of snowboard event coverage.
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Products we use ourselves and sell

Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves and Wrist Guards Designed by a doctor, to protect your wrists. As mentioned in the New York Times, the Colorodoan, and
See the Flexmeter Team and Videos here!

Azzpadz Tailbone Protector – You’re bound to fall on your behind when snowboarding especially as a beginner. Don’t bruise it, protect it with this perfectly designed pad. We wear ours EVERY time we ride.

Transpack Boot and Helmet Backpack. Carry your gear neatly! As mentioned in the N.Y. Times:

“My new favorite boot bags are from Transpack”
Bill Pennington, New York Times, 12/09/05

We had a great time in Winter Park in 2008! Check out the photos, linked to this page.
Lauren, Editor

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