Dec 172016

 Step-in bindings existed when I started riding 17 years ago, and were a boon to the learning process. They disappeared, and I found and embraced Flow bindings for their quick entry, exit, and total reliability, and I ride them to this day. No sitting on the snow with Flow! I have seen a prototype of the new Burton step-on binding and it looks like a great idea, especially as I will be a snowboard instructor this season at Killington. It will be easier to assist my students when I can get on and off my board quickly. I look forward to trying them out!

Here is a link to the full article from AP, by Eddie Pells, from the Durango Herald.
“A new technology that enables the boot to snap onto the board similar to a ski binding has the potential to inject fresh life into a sport that has been dealing with slowing growth for the last decade or so.”