Jan 172013

Letter from an appreciative reader in Australia

Awesome, thanks!!

Such a well written and comprehensive article. I just bought my first
pair of boots and I was worried that my toes touch a tiny bit at the
front and that they feel a little ‘snug’. You have put my mind at ease
and it seems that by accident I have bought them exactly the right
size! If I had of sent them back and got the next size up I think I
would have been disappointed when they became too loose a little down
the line.

It’s refreshing to come across some helpful, well written and
obviously well informed info on the net, keep writing!

Thanks again and happy boarding!!

Aussie chick in the UK
November 30, 2012


from Lauren, editor

Hi Krissi,
Thanks for the props!
Glad I could help.
New articles about snowboard boot fitting here!

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Another article – Snowboard Boot is Too Big – What can I do?

And our comprehensive article about snowboard boot fitting by author Kevin Ryan.

Read Kevin Ryan’s article here:

Fitting Snowboard Boots to your Feet

by Kevin Ryan.
Get his book at Amazon here:

 The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding.

We recommend snowboard insoles to help perfect the fit and comfort of your snowboard boots.

Zapz Microwaveable Custom Insoles

The Eliminator Custom Tongue – fills the Gap between your shin and your boot for better comfort and control.

And EZFitSnow Automolding Insole




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