Jan 032014

Booty_Guard Booty Guard Tailbone Protectors, designed by snowboarder Denis Lemek,  are now here, for sale at Also known as BootyGuard Tailbone Protectors. Buy Booty Guard here!

You may have noticed  that we sell two kinds of tailbone protectors here at Why?

To fill different needs at different price points. For years we’ve been wearing our trusty Azzpadz, and they have served us well. Available in medium and large, Azzpadz sell for $56 plus shipping and we can send them anywhere.

See Lauren falling off the wall of the halfpipe at USASA Nationals. Her Azzpadz saved the day. (scroll down to the video that has “Azzpadz” in the title.

But we understand that some snowboarders don’t think they need tailbone protection, and for them, we recommend Booty Guard. Also great for beginners! They’re small, light, easy to put on and take off without  unzipping your snow pants, and virtually invisible. One size fits all. Booty Guard sells for just $26 plus shipping and we can send them anywhere.

We like  and wear them both! Booty Guard for soft snow, and Azzpadz for hardpack.

And what are you doing to protect your wrists? Flexmeters Gloves and Wrist Guards, were designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries! More Flexmeters here!