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Sport Secrets LLC, also known as and, is breaking new ground by offering an unsurpassed high level of service to its customers. Owner Lauren Traub Teton has been selling snowboard protective wrist gear by Flexmeters/Docmeter longer than anyone else and has gained much experience since 2003, which she gladly shares with her clientele to offer personal “concierge style service” in choosing and purchasing snowboard protective gear.

Snowboarder wrist injuries are the most common accident and Flexmeter Wrist Guards / Docmeter were designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries.

Being a snowboarder herself gives Ms. Teton empathy for beginners and all who snowboard. She personally assists her customers who request help on product selection and sizing. She says email is the best way to reach her, and she answers phone calls too; her number is on the bottom of every page of her website in the “old school style.” will ship anywhere in the world, and can accommodate rush orders when possible using Fedex and the USPS in the United States.The article and video “You Don’t Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard” is popular worldwide and shows the protective gear that Ms. Teton recommends and wears to this day.
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Ms. Teton is a snowboard safety advocate and editor of several snowboard websites, including one of the originals, That site, begun in 2003, is almost 1000 pages of snowboard event coverage and sharing the stoke of learning to snowboard safely. Twifties, or “fun people over 50” are welcome and encouraged to snowboard by Ms. Teton who is a child of the 1950s and “remembers when customer service was a valuable commodity.” She asks Twifties to like her Facebook page called so they can be notified of pop-up parties happening anywhere!


Dec 262012

New lower shipping prices for Flexmeters / Docmeter mailed outside United States.


We are can send your Flexmeter order anywhere!

For France and UK, please use the links below. Anywhere else, we will ship them out from the US and we offer new lower shipping charges by using First Class Mail.

Flexmeter also known as Docmeter is the world’s best snowboard wrist protection designed by Dr. Marc-Herve Binet, mountain doctor at Avoriaz Resort in France.

Flexmeters are distributed in the US by Sport Secrets LLC, parent company of and SnowboardSecrets.TV as well as many other snowboard websites. Sport Secrets LLC has been the US Distributor of Flexmeter/Docmeter since 2004.

Flexmeters are available worldwide.

In the UK, contact Alpsgear.

In France contact Docmeter.

In the US, order at

For all other countries, also order from the US at

Find shipping prices from the US to other countries here.

Flexmeter / Docmeter Product Line Explained.

Dec 232012

Q. Hi my name is Kimberley
I have a pre existing injury from roller skating ( i broke my wrist into a lovely dinner fork shape and now have pins and a plate in there)  i did this about 3 1/2 months ago
i was looking at the flexmeter guards because I’m here in canada working a snow season and I’m looking to get back out on my board at the 4 1/2 month period of healing.
have you come across any boarders with a pre existing injury like mine and are happy with the flexmeter guards?
also would you be able to ship to canada at a PO box?  I’m living in the staff accommodation so i don’t have a physical address yet.


A.  Hi Kimberley, Sorry for your injury. Yes, many many of my customers have had injuries. Flexmeters Snowboard Gloves and Wrist Guards will help for sure. Look at this testimonial (and X-ray), one of many!

I can send to Canada for $8 extra. If you can afford Flexmeter Gloves, they are the simplest most comfortable way to get protection! Otherwise, Flexmeter Wrist Guards will work, make sure your glove is big enough or buy one from us.
order Flexmeters   – Designed by a Doctor

Flexmeters videos
Flexmeter have been tested and proven to reduce wrist injuries by 67 to 85%.
My customers love Flexmeter – testimonials here: and here.

Dec 232012
Flexmeter – Docmeter Snowboard Wrist Guard Gloves Product Line Explained
Q. My wife is a surgical nurse – her wrists are vital to her work. She is a beginner snowboarder who broke her unprotected wrist last year. She is 5’2″ and would typically wear a small. Could you please suggest a product as I would like to have it before mid January as we are going skiing.
A. Snowboard wrist injuries are the most common snowboard injury, and beginners are 4 times more likely to break a wrist than experienced snowboarders.  FOOSH or “falling on outstretched hand” with the hand behind the body is the most common method of wrist injury.A flexible wrist guard like Flexmeter, will help absorb the shock of impact and prevent the wrist from hyperextending.  It is the kind of protection your wife should wear.  Flexmeter (also called Docmeter) was designed by Dr. Marc-Herve Binet who is the mountain doctor at the  French resort Avoriaz, and is a member of the ISSS – International Society for Skiing Safety.
Visit Dr. Binet’s Mountain Clinic here.
Flexmeters  wrist protection is available 2 ways.
The Flexmeter Snowboard Glove is the “Cadillac” of snowboard wrist protection. It  has the Flexmeter Wrist Guard integrated into it and is the easiest way to wear snowboard wrist protection on the slopes.  It is what I wear,  and my first recommendation to my customers.
There are 2 kinds of Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves.
Flexmeter Snowboard Glove with Single Protection – has one splint on the knuckle side only, and is the model that was tested and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries by 67 to 85%.
$120 plus shipping.
Flexmeter Snowboard Glove with Double  Protection has the dorsal splint and has light palm-side protection added, and is the choice of surgeons, dentists, nurses, artists, musicians, writers, and anyone that wants a little more protection. I suggest this for your wife in view of her circumstances as a petite woman who needs her wrist and has had an injury.
$140 plus shipping.
If Flexmeter Gloves are too expensive our Flexmeter Wrist Guards that stand alone and are worn under your gloves are the answer. Your gloves must have an opening wide enough to accommodate the wrist guard. Or we sell Flexmeter Mittens that will go over the Flexmeter Wrist Guards.
There are 2 kinds of Flexmeter Wrist Guards.
Flexmeter Wrist Guard with Single Protection – has one splint on the knuckle side only, and is the model that was tested and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries by 67 to 85%.
$69 plus shipping.
Flexmeter All Season Wrist Guard has the dorsal splint and has light palm-side protection added. It was designed for skateboarding and other warm weather sports, and can be worn under a glove for snowboarding. $69 plus shipping.
Mittens with a wide opening to wear over Flexmeter Wrist Guards specially designed so you can easily slip them over any model of Flexmeter Wrist Guards. They have the added feature of “glove style” inside so each of your fingers has a cozy resting spot.After your day on the slopes is over, take off your Flexmeter Wrist Guard and wear this comfortable mitt for warmth.
$48  plus shipping.
Tailbone protection prevents injuries and makes the slopes less daunting. I wear Azzpadz every time I ride!!
$56 plus shipping.
(See video of my fall off the halfpipe wall at USASA Nationals and you’ll know why I won’t ride without Azzpadz! Click here and scroll down to the video entitled Snowboard Protective Gear in Action – Azzpadz
Dec 172012

Flexmeter Gloves with Wrist Protection and Flexmeter Wrist Guards are designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries, and help avoid broken wrists. is also the first US distributor for Flexmeter. We wear this product, we believe in it, and we sell it. Our customers are happy. See what they have to say, below!

Get Flexmeter Wrist Protection here!

Happy Flexmeter Customers write to us all the time!


Flexmeter for Roller Derby!

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for the prompt reply. If you could work out a replacement puck that would be amazing. I purchased the flexmeter guards after reading about them on a derby forum that was specific to arm and wrist injuries.

My old guards are the cheaper triple eights that cover only past the wrist with a thin sliding guard on the palm. They served me well in derby but then I had a fantastic crash into the concrete bowl at our skate park this past October and though I had all my gear on, I still managed to break both the radius and ulna. I believe it was because I came down on my palm, below the thumb, missing the protection from the sliding guard.

Fortunately, the flexmeter puck covers more of my palm and the dorsal guard has been amazing at preventing hyperextension of the wrist during a pile up as well as giving support for the many burpees our cross fit coach lays upon us. I have been recommending it to my teammates as I am the only one on the team with them, but the price really holds them back. The rest of our gear is so expensive and since roller derby is skater owned and operated, we pay a lot towards the production of our bouts and just keeping the league rolling – literally!

Yet none of the girls have had a wrist injury like I have and paying the $70 versus another several thousand dollar hospital/surgery bill seems worth it to me! Other than the price, in terms of these for derby, the straps do come unhooked often because of all the scrapping happening within packs (I have the small size). Only when we scrimmage and bout do I need to duct tape them down but in drills that don’t require hitting and breaking through a pack then they stay put. That could be a downside for some but it is really nominal and easily remedied with duct tape.

Okay, sorry for the long email. I do love these guards and turned down a trip to the skate park this morning because I did not have the puck and did not feel safe with my old guards. Well, that and I still have a little stage fright since the breaking incident! Thanks again for the prompt reply. I will email again on the 20th as a reminder. All the best for the remainder of your trip and safe travels.

Amber G.Logan, UT


Believe it or not I already received the Flexmeter Gloves today and it looks like the large size well be perfect. That’s what I call fast delivery…
Thanks again, Dennis S.
Huntington Beach, CA


Hi Lauren,

That’s fantastic, thank you so much!! I really appreciate your awesome communication! My husband bought his AzzPadz from you last year, and said you were great, and he was definitely right!

My mom is going to wear the Azzpadz.  She skates a lot though, she was a speed skater for years, and now that she’s getting on in years she’s worried that if she falls over she’ll break everything. My husband, who is a snowboarder, wears his AzzPadz to go skating as well, and my mom mentioned that she’d like a pair of her own for skating, so that’s why we’ve bought it for her!

Vancouver, Canada

More testimonials from Flexmeter Glove and Flexmeter Wrist Guards Customers here:

July – Oct 2012Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flexmeter Wrist Guard Testimonial from Colorado  with X-Rays!
“These are the only wrist guards that I trust, and I will not ride without them.

Flexmeter Testimonials 2006 – 2008

Oct 292012
Should Snowboarders Wear Wrist Guards?

Excerpts from Squidoo:

From the Scottish Snow Sports Safety Study:
* 25% of all snowboard injuries affect the wrist joint
* 70% of all wrist injuries were fractures (broken bones)
* Estimated 95,000 wrist fractures each year among snowboarders worldwide.

From the Colorado Snowboard Injury Survey:
* snowboarders wearing wrist guards are half as likely to injure their wrists as snowboarders not wearing guards.

See the lens about snowboarders wearing wrist guards
and join the discussion on Squidoo here.


Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards built-in, and Flexmeter Wrist Guards to wear under your gloves, or for skateboarding are designed by renowned French Mountain Doctor Marc-Herve Binet, who runs the clinic at Avoriaz Ski Resort, France.

Flexmeters are designed to FLEX at your wrist joint to absorb the shock of a fall, unlike other wrist guards.
Flexmeters, by Docmeter have been tested and proven to provide wrist protection to snowboarders and reduce snowboard wrist injuries by up to 75%.

What are you waiting for?
Get protection for your wrists at
We can send them to you in the US, UK, or anywhere in the world.

See our videos of Flexmeter Gloves and Wrist Guards in action here!

Read testimonials from our happy Flexmeter customers here, including this one from Doug who says

“These are the only wrist guards that I trust, and I will not ride without them.” 
We have Doug’s X-rays of his two broken wrists sustained in a snowboard crash while wearing another brand of wrist guard before he found Flexmeters, and unfortunately he has two titanium plates, and 26 screws to show for it.


Snowboard Wrist Guards available at