Dec 232012

Q. Hi my name is Kimberley
I have a pre existing injury from roller skating ( i broke my wrist into a lovely dinner fork shape and now have pins and a plate in there)  i did this about 3 1/2 months ago
i was looking at the flexmeter guards because I’m here in canada working a snow season and I’m looking to get back out on my board at the 4 1/2 month period of healing.
have you come across any boarders with a pre existing injury like mine and are happy with the flexmeter guards?
also would you be able to ship to canada at a PO box?  I’m living in the staff accommodation so i don’t have a physical address yet.


A.  Hi Kimberley, Sorry for your injury. Yes, many many of my customers have had injuries. Flexmeters Snowboard Gloves and Wrist Guards will help for sure. Look at this testimonial (and X-ray), one of many!

I can send to Canada for $8 extra. If you can afford Flexmeter Gloves, they are the simplest most comfortable way to get protection! Otherwise, Flexmeter Wrist Guards will work, make sure your glove is big enough or buy one from us.
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