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Flexmeter Gloves with Wrist Protection and Flexmeter Wrist Guards are designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries, and help avoid broken wrists. is also the first US distributor for Flexmeter. We wear this product, we believe in it, and we sell it. Our customers are happy. See what they have to say, below!

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Flexmeter for Roller Derby!

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for the prompt reply. If you could work out a replacement puck that would be amazing. I purchased the flexmeter guards after reading about them on a derby forum that was specific to arm and wrist injuries.

My old guards are the cheaper triple eights that cover only past the wrist with a thin sliding guard on the palm. They served me well in derby but then I had a fantastic crash into the concrete bowl at our skate park this past October and though I had all my gear on, I still managed to break both the radius and ulna. I believe it was because I came down on my palm, below the thumb, missing the protection from the sliding guard.

Fortunately, the flexmeter puck covers more of my palm and the dorsal guard has been amazing at preventing hyperextension of the wrist during a pile up as well as giving support for the many burpees our cross fit coach lays upon us. I have been recommending it to my teammates as I am the only one on the team with them, but the price really holds them back. The rest of our gear is so expensive and since roller derby is skater owned and operated, we pay a lot towards the production of our bouts and just keeping the league rolling – literally!

Yet none of the girls have had a wrist injury like I have and paying the $70 versus another several thousand dollar hospital/surgery bill seems worth it to me! Other than the price, in terms of these for derby, the straps do come unhooked often because of all the scrapping happening within packs (I have the small size). Only when we scrimmage and bout do I need to duct tape them down but in drills that don’t require hitting and breaking through a pack then they stay put. That could be a downside for some but it is really nominal and easily remedied with duct tape.

Okay, sorry for the long email. I do love these guards and turned down a trip to the skate park this morning because I did not have the puck and did not feel safe with my old guards. Well, that and I still have a little stage fright since the breaking incident! Thanks again for the prompt reply. I will email again on the 20th as a reminder. All the best for the remainder of your trip and safe travels.

Amber G.Logan, UT


Believe it or not I already received the Flexmeter Gloves today and it looks like the large size well be perfect. That’s what I call fast delivery…
Thanks again, Dennis S.
Huntington Beach, CA


Hi Lauren,

That’s fantastic, thank you so much!! I really appreciate your awesome communication! My husband bought his AzzPadz from you last year, and said you were great, and he was definitely right!

My mom is going to wear the Azzpadz.  She skates a lot though, she was a speed skater for years, and now that she’s getting on in years she’s worried that if she falls over she’ll break everything. My husband, who is a snowboarder, wears his AzzPadz to go skating as well, and my mom mentioned that she’d like a pair of her own for skating, so that’s why we’ve bought it for her!

Vancouver, Canada

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July – Oct 2012Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flexmeter Wrist Guard Testimonial from Colorado  with X-Rays!
“These are the only wrist guards that I trust, and I will not ride without them.

Flexmeter Testimonials 2006 – 2008

Dec 122012

It’s our tenth anniversary!

And here is the story of how Lauren Traub Teton, founder and editor of, became a snowboarder in her 40s and came to start the website.

How “Skiing on Shaped Skis” Turned Me into a Snowboarder

And a Snowboard Journalist

By Lauren Traub Teton

Growing up in Massachusetts, in a non-skiing family, I did have the opportunity to try skiing a few times. Once my family won a day-trip to a ski hill in Shirley, MA. I was about 5 and it was my first time on skis, and the dreaded rope tow was part of the experience. After recovering for 10 years or so I tried after-school ski lessons at Ward Hill, in Shrewsbury, MA. Dark, cold, icy it was, and I persevered, but then witnessed an unspeakable accident of a worker related to repairing the lift, and that was enough of the ski world for me for another 25 years or so.

Fourteen years ago, and in my 40s, I was a guest at a ski meeting at Stratton, Vermont. I was game to give it a try again, and low and behold, shorter shaped skis were a revelation in ease of turning. After my friends came out of their meeting, they commented how well I was doing and said “let’s go to the top.” I had never been in a gondola, and I just loved that mountain experience! Snowplowing down the longest run I had ever been on, with little confidence and  ill-fitting rental boots, my feet, calves, and thighs were wounded by the bottom

At that moment I decided “maybe I am a snowboarder. Soft boots, mmmm!”

I took a lesson, and when I found out that the whole back of the snowboard could be used as a brake to keep me going slow, I was hooked! Fortunately I had done a little research and knew that I’d be falling on my butt a lot, and I actually packed bubble-wrap into my pants, and it helped a lot! Unfortunately the snowboard industry loses many or most first-timers at this point, the ones who aren’t wearing tailbone and wrist protection.

I took many lessons at many hills. Somehow, no teacher ever mentioned to me that I was supposed to stay on my edge! So I caught my edge and fell a lot. I wore in-line skate knee pads and wrist guards, and impact shorts and somehow avoided injury, except sore wrists and a big black and blue when I fell on my car key transponder. “Falling leaf” was my mode down the hill for almost a year. I finally learned to point the nose downhill (at Berkshire East, where the chairlift exit left no choice!) and link turns. The only snowboarders I knew were the guys in the shop who tuned my board.

After figuring it out, I was exultant, and wrote an article called
You Don’t Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard” so I could share my tips. Then I needed a place to put it, so I started this website called  I loved snowboarding and wanted to write about it. I raced in the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge. I discovered the thrill of watching rail jams and other snowboard competitions. I started many snowboard websites. I reveled in snowboard fashion and the carefree fun lifestyle. My winters now had meaning and joy that I had never experienced. Thank goodness for those uncomfortable hard boots at Stratton and becoming a snowboarder!


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Oct 292012
Should Snowboarders Wear Wrist Guards?

Excerpts from Squidoo:

From the Scottish Snow Sports Safety Study:
* 25% of all snowboard injuries affect the wrist joint
* 70% of all wrist injuries were fractures (broken bones)
* Estimated 95,000 wrist fractures each year among snowboarders worldwide.

From the Colorado Snowboard Injury Survey:
* snowboarders wearing wrist guards are half as likely to injure their wrists as snowboarders not wearing guards.

See the lens about snowboarders wearing wrist guards
and join the discussion on Squidoo here.


Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards built-in, and Flexmeter Wrist Guards to wear under your gloves, or for skateboarding are designed by renowned French Mountain Doctor Marc-Herve Binet, who runs the clinic at Avoriaz Ski Resort, France.

Flexmeters are designed to FLEX at your wrist joint to absorb the shock of a fall, unlike other wrist guards.
Flexmeters, by Docmeter have been tested and proven to provide wrist protection to snowboarders and reduce snowboard wrist injuries by up to 75%.

What are you waiting for?
Get protection for your wrists at
We can send them to you in the US, UK, or anywhere in the world.

See our videos of Flexmeter Gloves and Wrist Guards in action here!

Read testimonials from our happy Flexmeter customers here, including this one from Doug who says

“These are the only wrist guards that I trust, and I will not ride without them.” 
We have Doug’s X-rays of his two broken wrists sustained in a snowboard crash while wearing another brand of wrist guard before he found Flexmeters, and unfortunately he has two titanium plates, and 26 screws to show for it.


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