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Double Trouble Diaries by Travers and Reagan O'Leary


Tuesday, January 17, 2006-tonight, we usually head to Whitetail for the Chill program. I couldn't go because I had Spanish and Algebra exams the next day. So, Reagan and my Dad went and had a blast with the kids. My Dad is taking video and pictures for Chill, so I got to see what went on that night. I was bummed that I missed it but I ended up getting an "A" in Spanish and a "B" in Algebra which are honor programs, so it was time well spent!

Friday, January 20, 2006-today was fun because my Dad picked us up from school for a rail jam at our local terrain park tonight. The weather was warm, in the 50's and some kids were wearing T-shirts. The rail jam was fun and once we were done we left for pizza at our favorite local pizza shop-Brothers. We had to get to bed early because on Saturday, the first USASA slopestyle and halfpipe events were being held at Wisp and the competition was going to be fierce. There was also another slopestyle competition sponsored by Asylum Boardshop on Saturday night, too.

Saturday, January 21, 2006-my Dad woke us up at 5:30 A.M. to leave for Wisp for the first USASA slopestyle and halfpipe event for the season. We got there early and did some freestyle riding. The weather was ugly but they were having it anyway. Lots of riders showed up because another USASA series closed. This year we are in the 14-15 Youth division with lots of kids. The course was setup nice with kickers, rails and a wall. The kids were hitting it big and pulling everything they could to get the judge's attention. When it was all over-Reagan got first and I got third! I knew that I rode good but some of the other kids really rode good too! It's the first time that Reagan and I both got metals together, since last year. We were really really happy. After the slopestyle, we went right to the halfpipe which was really in poor condition after all the warm weather and rain. Reagan and I competed, just to support the series, but didn't have any high hopes. Well, Reagan got third and I didn't place but we were cool with that. The slopestyle is what we are after and the halfpipe is just icing on the cake. So, a first and two third places for the day, wasn't bad! But the day wasn't over, as we still had an Asylum slopesyle/rail jam to compete it. Since we already signed up, we reluctantly decided to do it. We had to change all our gear because we were wet and cold. We rode the slopestyle event and only took three runs, when we could have taken a hundred runs if we wanted, but we were tired, cold and wet, so we headed into the lodge after our runs to get changed and to leave for home. We spent the day with other kids from USASA and really had fun with Luke and his sister, Meagan. We also met some nice girls, who were sitting at the next table. They have left messages on our site and we now have become friends. Pretty cool! But we needed to leave because we were tired and hungry. As we were leaving and in the parking lot, a guy came running up to us, and said that we needed to get in the lodge to get the news. What news, we were wondering? Well, the news was that Reagan won the whole thing! He got lots of swag and was so surprised, as me and my Dad were too. We headed out to Smiley's for pizza and wings with Luke and Meagan and then home and went to bed.

Sunday, January 22, 2006-We decided to take the day off and have fun. We also wanted to watch supercross on Speed and the Grand Prix from Mt. Creek. It was just a nice lazy day at home. Ahhhhh..just the way I like it at times!

Well, gotta get ready for school! Oh, lots of things are happening with the Double Trouble "CHILL" Jam on February 8th. George Michael's Sports Machine (NBC) is going to interview Reagan and I about our lives, snowboarding and the jam. It will air in February. Also, lots of swag is coming in everyday and Reagan and I wished we could keep it all, as it is so cool! Don't forget to check our site and leave a message under the rail jam section. Well, see you next week!

Peace out! Travers and Reagan


Tuesday, January 10, 2006- today was exciting because tonight was the first night of CHILL! It was fun meeting all the kids and other volunteers. The talk was about our rail jam and it seems like lots of riders are coming. The kids really picked up snowboarding for their first time and it was fun making new friends. We can't wait until next week.

Friday, January 13, 2006- today was fun. My dad picked us up at school and we went right to Roundtop for a Friday night rail jam. We wanted to go to Mt. Creek but we knew we couldn't make it and my Dad didn't want to take us out of school early again. He said we had plenty of days off scheduled with jams, nationals and our rail jam. So, we stayed close to home. The jam was cool and fun. The weather was warm, so we could wear rugby's and have fun. We thought Reagan won but he didn't even place. Locals won and we learned a lesson, that it isn't all fair at times. Maybe next time.

Saturday, January 14, 2006- today we got up early and headed to WISP in Western Maryland. Lots of school kids were going to meet us in the park and we were going to teach them rails. We had a lot of fun but we left for home around 3:30 because we were all tired, since we got in from Roundtop the night before at 1 A.M. So, we were in bed at 8 PM. I woke up at 2 A.M. throwing up and with a headache. So, I didn't sleep well.

Sunday, January 15, 2006- today we got up early but I was sick, so I stayed home in bed and my Dad and Reagan went to the Ryan Lichtenberg Memorial Rail Jam at Liberty Mountain. Ryan, a local rider, passed away last year and they were having an awesome rail jam in his memory. Reagan really did well but didn't place, maybe next time.

Monday, January 16, 2006- Yeah, no school! We headed to Whitetail and just hung with our friends in the park. Lots of kids from school were there, so it was lots of fun.

Check out our site for current pictures of this past weekend, at

Well, it's late and I have to get to bed. Remember, our CHILL rail jam is coming on February 8th and lots swag is coming in everyday!!! So, plan on attending, if you can.

Peace out from Travers and Reagan


December 23
Today was fun, as we stayed out of school and headed to Mountain Creek for the Oakley/Red Bull Jam. There were about 100 riders from all over the East coast. Unfortunately for us, we were placed with the older riders which consisted of some really awesome riders. However, Reagan really rode well and made the top 7 finalists. He didn't get on the podium but just getting there with these really good riders was winning for him.

December 25
Ahhhhh....Christmas and gifts! We had a blast and rode at our local park with all our friends in the afternoon.

December 27
We left for the Windham Rail Unvail on the 26th and stayed at a hotel at Windham. We got there early because the new article in East Coast Snowboarding was going to be unvailed, along with the rails. The article was great and we were very popular in the park. We also saw a bunch of friends from Nationals and gained a few new one's too. There were about 100 riders and again, Reagan and I were placed in with the older guys. There were guys that rode the US Open and others that were going to the GP at Mt. Creek for the Olympics! So the competition was awesome, but guess what? Reagan nailed the rails and ended up in the top 5! In fact, the announcer, yelled to him, that he was in the wrong group, that groms were next! That was funny! Well, he showed the older guys that he was for real, as he hit the rainbow and the straight rail and got 3rd place! Go Reagan! I did good too but just missed on the rainbow. Maybe next time!

December 31- New Year's Eve
We had a blast! We hit our local park and rode with all our friends until 1 AM. There was great food, music and fireworks! A great night. We went back on New Year's Day and rode all day too.

January 6
This was one crazy day! We got out of school at 11:30 and headed to Mt. Creek for the Ski Barn- Jammin for Swag Rail Jam. It took us forever and once we got to the park, we only had 2 minutes left of practice. So, our first run was our first competition run (we had 3 runs). Both Reagan and I took it easy to test the rail which was a downhill 45' battleship rail with a 3' gap. There were about 150 riders and the guys were all in one group. Reagan ended up being the only kid that hit the rail with a 180 to boardslide w/ a grab and 180 off. However, neither of us made the finals but we still had fun. We are gaining a lot of new friends at MC, so it has been pretty cool. We stayed over night and rode the next day too.

Our Rail Jam-we have been working hard on the jam and we cannot believe the swag that has been sent from companies like: Transworld, SaucerWax, Flexmeter, Sobe, Reliable Racing, Windells, Burton/Chill and all the local shops. It seems that a lot of kids are coming, so it should be good! See details at our website. Well, until next time- peace out...Travers

December 15
A fun day! Got out of school early and my dad picked me up to go to Whitetail. My brother Travers decided to stay home and do a school project. The park was empty and it was a blast. By the end of the night, it started to sleet, so we lined up picnic tables and rode those in front of the lodge. (pics at our site)

December 16
Ahhh..2 hour delay. My dad and I went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and off to school. Thought of boarding all day! Went back to the park that night to practice for the Upland Assault Jam on Saturday morning. We were supposed to go to Mt. CK but we have a friend's Bar Mitzvah on Saturday night. It was a good night.

December 17
We got up early and were first at the mountain. Sign-up for the jam was at 8 and we were first in line. The rail jam was OK but not great. They had a rainbow rail and a 30 ft. piperail. Travers and I rode good. Travers really picked up his game and was hitting the rainbow really good. I won, so that made it good too. We left at 2 to go to the Bar Mitzvah. The party is on!

December 18
Slow morning because we got in late. We were supposed to go to a rail jam but my dad woke up too late. So, we just freerode with some friends for a few hours and went home to relax. The best part about the day was that it was sweatshirt weather. Well, until next week-Cya! Reagan

PS. Leave a message at out site, under rail jam.

Thursday night, December 8, 2005
The weatherman says we are having snow tomorrow, so it looks like a snowday- every kids dream. To top it off, Whitetail- our home park is opening at 9 A.M. tomorrow. They have been making snow all week, so it should be good.

Friday, December 9, 2005
Opening day at Whitetail. We were so excited! We got to the park at noon and all our friends were there. The weather was great- 20's/sunny and clear. We hit the park all day and did some woods riding too. We left the park when it closed at 10 P.M. It was a great day!

Saturday, December 10, 2005
Today was warmer and the snow was great. The park was really crowded and there were lots of kids out of control. We really had to ride defensively but still had a good time. We stayed until about 7 P.M. and then went to dinner. When we got home, the movie Snowday was on TV, so we watched that and went to bed. Today was a fun day.

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Today was much warmer, it was in the 40's. Lots of kids in T-shirts but we stayed in our normal gear. So many friends showed up and we had a blast. A lot of kids remembered us from seeing us ride last year and a few showed up from seeing us wakeboard. The buzz on the mountain was our rail jam, so it looks like a lot of kids are coming. We left the park at 4 P. M because we needed to get home and get ready for school tomorrow. Oh, yeah, the Survivor show is on tonight. Go Steph!

Until next week, peace out!

Reagan and Travers


Friday, December 2nd
What can you say about the thoughts of snowboarding all weekend at WISP Resort in Western Maryland, except that school felt like forever, today. My Dad picked us up today at 2:40 and we were off for the weekend, arriving at WISP around 6:30 PM. The conditions were OK but they were blowing snow and the terrain park was being set up for Saturday, so we just freerode for the night. We rode until 9:00 PM, with a clear sky, in 25 degree weather. It felt great to be on the snow again. The rest of the weekend was looking good!

Saturday, December 3rd
  Today, we woke up early and hit the terrain park with friends at 9:00 AM. The rails (4 boxes and a "C") were set up and the base was good. Even though the park was small, we didn't care because we were all having a blast. There were only about 30 riders hitting the rails, so everybody had plenty of time practicing their tricks. We rode until 9:00 PM. Afterwards, we hit Smiley's for pizza and wings, ahhhhh- what a day!

Sunday, December 4th
  When we went to bed on Saturday night, the weather was calling for 6" of new snow, so we could hardly sleep, however, when we woke up, it was raining, as we were on the southern (warmer) side of the storm. So, we decided to pack it in and head home to get a jump on this weeks school work and to work on our rail jam.So,the day wasn't a total waste. Well, next week, our local park should be open and we plan on staying local. Have a great week!
Anyone who reads this, leave a message at our site: <>  

Peace out!
Travers and Reagan

Double Trouble Diaries by Reagan and Travers


November 27, 2005

Our first entry.
This weekend was fun. It started off with Thanksgiving, a new Honda Element-just for boarding - and ended up with snowboarding. For the past few weeks, we have been hauling ice and snow to our house from the local ice skating rink and building rails around the snow. But this weekend, we geared up and went to WISP Resort in Deep Creek, MD, and hit the terrain park. The conditions were perfect.

Friday- We got up at 5 A. M and left for the mountain which is about two hours away from out house. We slept most of the time, as my Dad drove us. Its nice to sleep and be driven but we know one day that will change, so we take advantage of it now. Ahhhh - Dreaming of snowboarding, what could be better! When we arrived at Wisp, it was 28 degrees / sunny/15" base and 8" of new snow plus manmade snow, so it was a perfect beginning to a new season, new boards and new gear. The terrain park had a few good kickers and three rails with maybe 40 riders hitting them. Some of our friends that we hadn't seen since last winter were there, so it made for a lot of fun and laughs. When we weren't riding, we were planning our rail jam that we are having in February. We were really excited because a major sponsor called and said that they would pay for all the awards, so that great!

Saturday - We started off a little tired, since we stayed up late the night before. We usually don't stay up late but we met some new friends and we all talked in the hotel lobby and watched TV. Our Dad got us up at 6 A.M., so we could be the first ones on the mountain. The conditions were perfect, it was 45 degrees/sunny/20" base and just 4" of manmade snow. We were stoked to be the first ones in line, but our lift had a problem and they had to start another lift, so we weren't the first ones on the mountain, after all. Oh well, maybe next time. Today was great. In fact a lot of riders were in T-shirts riding the rails. They reset the terrain park with a rainbow rail, a box rail and a 'C' box. My brother Reagan was the only one that was hitting them consistently and giving the crowd a reason to applaud. He really was doing well. I didn't have my best day but it takes me a little longer to get used to new equipment, so maybe next week. Some of our school friends showed up, so we rode with them for a while and then went and had pizza at Smileys, our favorite restaurant at Deep Creek. We left for home around 9 P.M. and slept again dreaming of a great weekend of snowboarding. Well, that's it for now. Until next week, Cya.

Travers and Reagan AKA Double Trouble

"Let's Ride!"






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