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Aerofreestyle Mat

Land your jumps in air with this ILP (Inflatable Landing Pad)- the best way to learn and progress safely!

Also, jumping into an ILP is a life-changing experience for older riders or those who aren't training for big tricks on snow.
see a 52 year old snowboarder jump into an ILP

IMPORTANT! We have ONE lightly USED AFM on sale at a BIG DISCOUNT!!
Ships from Madrid, Spain.
Email or Call us! 914 764-0115 in NY, til 8 pm.

The Aerofreestyle Mat is an ILP or Inflatable Landing Pad which is a huge, air-filled mattress on a mattress, designed for soft landings for snowboarders and freestyle skiers who get big air. Skateboarders and bikers too.

Any kind of airbag for snowboarders and skiers training needs that you have seen in the US, including the ones at Camp Woodward or Woodward at Copper may be available through us, so contact us!

You might call it an Inflatable Landing Pad, IL, or an Inflatable Air Mat for Snowboarding, AerofreestyleMat, an Air Pillow, a Snow Cushion, or Snow Pillow. There are similar products on the market known as Big Air Bag and BagJump. Or you may have searched: Snowboard Air Bag, a Snowboarding / Ski Landing Pad, foam pit, crash pad, stunt air pillow, Bag Jump, or Air Mattress for Snow.

We call it  Aerofreestyle Mat or AFM
The concept of our AFM was created by Lauren Traub Teton and Eduardo Perez in Summer 2006 at SMK Camp in Les Deux Alpes, France and this website is the sole distributor for the AFM in the US and Canada.

The AeroFreestyle Mat is available now for purchase or lease, and ready to be installed at your resort, camp, or school.

clik for bigger
Aerofreestyle Mat in Arcalís, Vallnord Resort in Andorra

Watch a 2 minute video of the AeroFreestyle Mat in ACTION!

Be one of the first on our continent to have this prestigious safety item at your resort or training center! The first unit  and the biggest in the world is currently in Madrid, Spain.
Buy it, lease it, have sponsors put their name on it, we can discuss all your options with you. Email or Call us! 914 764-0115 in NY, til 8 pm.

Graphics logos can be added on the top of the AFM for your sponsors.


Where is it in use now?
1.  Vallnord (Andorra).  Original model  (20x12m)
2. Cerler (Spain).  Fun model (15x9m): .
3. Javalambre/Valdelinares (Spain). Fun model (15x9m)  see video

How is it being used, recreationally for tourists, or serious training for athletes?

How does it work?
The AFM has an outer air bag inflated for a soft landing, and an inner bag inflated more firmly. Two motors run during use to keep the two bags inflated. You will receive 2 electric motors and 2 gasoline motors, so you have a choice of power source.

How big is the AFM?
The AFM is huge at 66 feet long and 40 feet wide. (20x12m)
We also have a new smaller, lighter, less expensive model , the FUN Model, at  50 feet by 30 feet  (15 x 9 meters.)

Can it be used year round?
Yes it can be  used all year round. It is suitable for skates and bikes in warm weather and snowboards and skis. If you want to use  it for skiers/snowboarders in the summer you can use a ramp made of wood covered with Snowflex.

What  kind of manpower and maintenance does it need?
It needs at least 6 to 8 people to install or remove it. It must be rolled up when it snows or there is wind.  When it snows, snow must be cleared from the mat surface. It needs one person to supervise when in use. When not in use, it must be stored.

What if it gets a leak?
The toughness and thickness of the PVC material make it unlikely to leak. Top surface thickness is 2700 grams/m2, making it very tough and snowboard blade-proof. In the unlikely circumstance that it does, a patch kit of ordinary patching materials is included.

How cold a temperature can the AFM withstand?
Temperatures down to minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will it blow away?
You will anchor it to the snow with snow nails. It is best to place the AFM in a location sheltered from the wind if possible. Deflate the mat at the end of the day. It can be folded over flat on the snow and covered with the top sheet that is included. It takes about 20 minutes to re-inflate the next day.

What if we get a different sponsor after we’ve printed our old sponsor on the bag?
The top landing sheet of the bag is removable and can be replaced with another sheet, with different info printed on it.

How long will it take to pay for itself?
At the indoor snowdome in Madrid, Spain where the AFM was set up, 150 snowboarders paid 20 €uro each for unlimited jumps on a weekend day. That is 6000€ per weekend, or 24000€ per month. At that rate the AFM will more than pay for itself in 5 weekends of use.

How many jumps can we fit in per hour?
20 to 30 jumps per hour if riders drop every 2 to 3 minutes.

How does a rider get off the AFM after a jump?
Once the user lands, the mat absorbs the shock and re-inflates quickly so the user slides to either side easily. Since there is a second chamber underneath s/he actually ends up sitting down on it before s/he exits. The surface is slippery, so one can just slide off like in a playground.

How much does it cost to ship?
The price includes shipping from Europe to your location.

How long does it take to deliver?
6 to 8 weeks.

For prices and  more information contact:
Lauren in NY
914 764-0115 call 'til 8 pm.

brought to you by:
Sport Secrets LLC
Westchester County, NY


"Let's Ride!"






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