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Q. Wrist protection for gates

Q. We have a 15 years old kid who does snowboard alpine racing. 10 days ago, he broke the end of his forearm bone ( at the wrist level ) when he hit the gate with his arm. We are looking for the best protection possible, other than his cast that he is now wearing.
The protection we are looking on is for banging his wrist against gate, not for overflexing the wrist.

Jean B., Quebec

A. Bonjour Jean,
This is what my friend Jean Sapula, the physical therapist, says about your son's injury and protection:

I'm not sure where this lady's son has an old sounds like it's in one of the carpal bones, a.k.a. the triquetral, pisiform, lunate, hamate, etc....there isn't much on the market that protects the carpal bones against a fall. If it were one of my skiers, I'd fashion a custom
splint out of orthoplast (a moldable plastic, when heated, which hardens when cooled) to her son's hand and wrist.  This is form-fitted and would easily fit into a glove.  The only thing her son may sacrifice is some grip control on his pole...Even though the splinting material is rigid, the brace can be fashioned to allow full finger movement.

In my occupation, we do this work all the time for athletes.  She may be able to contact a physical therapist, occupational therapist or athletic trainer to make this for her son.  It's the kind of thing that may not be covered by insurance.  A sheet of this material, enough to make one brace, runs about $50.  I'm sure there is a fitting cost.  It still beats re-injuring the wrist/hand.  The other person to contact is an orthotist...they usually do complicated brace too....
I hope this helps....

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