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Waxing Your Snowboard

"I wax my board everyday that I ride."
by Jeff Boos

tools needed:

all temp wax
heat gun/iron

Want to prolong the life of your snowboard? Have problems with speed? Like to ride rock, jibs and urban street style? Then listen up because waxing will help you out bigtime.

I wax with a universal all temperature wax from One Ball Jay wax company. Most people know of only waxing with an iron that cost hundreds of dollars. I use a heat gun that you can buy for about $20-$30. Check to make sure the heat gun has 2 setting high/low.

Now with your One Ball Jay all temp wax and heat gun on low (until you get use to using this method only use low setting) start warming up a small area on your base and applying the wax until the wax starts melting and you can lay a thin layer of wax on the entire base by moving the puck of wax around (hold the heat gun 2 1/2"-3 1/2" away from the base) melting the wax till it looks fluid like.

Let the wax set up until cool to touch. Now its time for scraping. Most anything will work for a scraper as long as it has a straight edge on it and won't destroy your base. Scrape as much of the wax off as possible as excess wax will slow you down. (the idea with waxing is that you want the wax to penetrate into the pores of your base)so the wax that's most useful to the board is in the base.

Now its time for a brushing. Use a scrub brush and polish the wax until it looks shiny. You are ready to hit the hill, have fun!

I wax my board everyday that I ride. For me it makes a huge differnce in my speed, and most of all protects my base when riding rock jibs,rails and urban street. So don't think that waxing is only for racers, waxing is for everyone and can be done by eveyone.

jeff boos

"Let's Ride!"






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