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We visited the Block Hotel after this article. Read about it here.

THE BLOCK Hotel in Lake Tahoe - First Snowboarder Owned Hotel

by Lynn Seldon (Feb. 2004)

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First and foremost, here's my disclaimer: I haven't been to the hotel I'm about to hype. But you can bet your Burton bindings that I'm going to get to this hot hotel this winter--and that's why I'm spreading the word and hope to see you there.

(We did visit the Block Hotel after this article. Read about it here.)

The Block Hotel in South Lake Tahoe is "Anything But Square" (their motto...and it's obviously true). Let's start with it being the world's first snowboarder hotel. You can make my rez now. 'Nuf said.

But I have a bit more to say, actually. Like that The Block was created by pro boarder Marc Frank Montoya, veteran hotelier Liko S. Smith, master marketer Travis Wood (of Sims fame), and others--and that it shows. And that the prices are incredibly low for what you (and your board) get--just check out the site for current prices and deals.

Located a block from the Heavenly Gondola and stumbling distance to the futuristic Altitude Nightclub, casinos, and more, The Block Hotel is literally a snowboarder's dream come true--both for Montoya and his guests.

Montoya says, "I always used to say to myself, 'Man, if I ever owned a joint like this I would do this and that and this...' Well, now it's seriously goin' down."

You can go to their great website and learn all the dirty details, but here are my highlights (and why you should go): the rooms; all have fridge, microwave, coffee maker, WiFi, Xbox or PS2 game systems w/DVD, cable TV, CD player, boot and glove dryers, in-room snowboard racks, Dean "Blotto" Gray artwork, themed rooms, room service, and much more; incredible rates (look 'em up and book your crib--six to a room, with no extra charge!); VIP entry into Altitude Nightclub (normally $10-20); free board waxing by Bluebird Wax on weekends; free use of varied CDs and DVDs; free PowerBars and Clif Bars; rooftop hot tub and two second story decks with exterior music; and a hangover kit.

You get the picture and can see why I'm so stoked about getting to this place. To coin a phrase from Montoya: Dass my word!

If you go, tell them you read about The Block here at Thanks!

THE BLOCK  is located at 4143 Cedar Avenue in South Lake Tahoe, directly adjacent to Harveys/Harrahs Casinos and as well as the incoming convention center scheduled for 2005. It is 1 block from the Heavenly Gondola in S. Lake Tahoe. Reservations can be made by calling 530.544.2936 or online at or Email is

If you go, tell them you read about The Block here at


The Block Helps Inner City Youth

Editors Note: THE BLOCK hotel has agreed to partner with the Snowboard Outreach Society by offering donations, equipment and funding of at least 1% of the hotels annual profits. Marc Frank Montoya, founder of The Block was an at risk inner city youth himself, and finds himself extremely lucky to have found snowboarding early in his life "I've been a fan of SOS since the day that they first started, anything they want, we'll give them 100%" he says" for real,..if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing" says Montoya.

Lynn Seldon has spent the past 20 years covering all aspects of travel writing and photography for publications including Playboy, Southern Living, Cruise Travel and Caribbean Travel & Life. He has been snowboarding since the late '90's.



"Let's Ride!"






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