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Mt. Hood Photos

Snowboarding pictures are here - of our photographer friend Ziggy's trip to the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Photo Workshop at Mt. Hood, Oregon. Shooting snowboarding photos of pros like Leanne Pelosi, and Camp Manager Preston Strout at snowboarding camp has got to be a cool way to spend some of the hot summer.
      (editors note - click to see original sized photo)

Mt. Hood from the Plane - 'ummm..yeah...
I am gonna be 'there' for the next five days!'

Jeremy Matherly sliding over da table & sportin the
devil swicherz. Someone told him it was Halloween

Reflective self portrait

Ziggy in da' Hood!

by Ziggy Zygarowski

I went to the High Cascade Snowboard Photo Workshop in Mt. Hood, Oregon this past summer 2004 and was totally stoked to ride and take snowboard photos mid-summer. The class was with 20 other photographers there for the same experience, to learn new photo techniques by top industry photographers as well as the ins/outs of what it takes to become a pro snowboard photographer.

Nothing like being at 8000 feet with sunny 80 degrees days, hanging with pro riders hitting rails, kickers and pipe for 4 days with one sunset/evening shoot (a very rad experience). In the classroom my photos were critiqued by the instructors and later, on the mountain, I put that feedback to work and made each dayıs photos better than the day before. So, yeah, the workshop rocked and I would go back just for a mid-summer snowboard/photo fix.

Leanne Pelosi putting some style on top of the A-frame

Preston Strout kicking out the old Terje/Burton board

Big Air off the big kicker

About Ziggy

I have always had a passion for taking a camera with me wherever I go. Photography for me has been my way to express what, where, and how I view the world. In the past few years my love for photography was re-ignited by way of digital technology. Living in Vermont has brought me closer to outdoor sports and nature,

My passion for shooting snowboarding is due to the variety of tricks and styles I can photograph throughout the year. Terrain parks to city rails, backcountry to lifestyle, mid-winter powder to summer rail shots. There's nothing better than shooting a rider sailing off of a kicker and after they land looking back up the hill and snapping a shot of the sun glistening off the mountain top after a fresh snowfall.

I am constantly pursuing local New England sports and racing action photos. If you know of any type of sports competitions in New England, please email me the info about the event. In my travels I will always continue to shoot nature, wildlife, and other visually stimulating scenes in my path. - Ziggy Adventure Photographer

Ryan Eagan breaking in the new board and more....
bought him a few beers that evening to ease the pain.

Leanne Pelosi riding the rail and showing why she kicks ass

High Cascade Snowboard Camp in partnership with international award-winning photographer Trevor Graves, TransWorld Media, and the Brooks Institute of Photography welcomed action sports photographers to Mt. Hood, Oregon for the 3rd annual High Cascade Snowboard Photo Workshop on July 28-August 2, 2004.

The workshop is designed for action sports photographers, team managers or anyone who just would like to improve their action sports photography skills. Renowned industry photographers, Trevor Graves, Chris Owen, Kevin Zacher and Embry Rucker made up the workshop faculty.

For details call: 800.334.4272 or visit

Contact: Christy Chaloux

Lounging at da' Hood....

"Let's Ride!"






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