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Magne-Traction from Lib Technologies
by Jeff Boos

late winter 2007

Magne-traction from Lib Tech is the most innovative idea to be introduced to the snow industry in decades. Magne-traction refers to the edges on LTN snowboards, snowskates and N.A.S.(narrow ass snowboards) or as some call them skis! Magne-traction is 7 specialized bumps strategically sized and placed along each side of your sidecut. MT is from the mind of Steven Cobb technormous bro-knowlogist at Lib Tech.

MT has many advantages over the dull and ordinary edges of yesteryear, especially here in the "ICY" east coast. Some of the advantages of MT are better control, better edgehold, better turns, better jibbing, freestyle, less catchty/sensitive tip/tail and generally more responsive/easier to ride. One of the best things about MT is that the extra edgehold you get allows you to ride your board de-tuned for the park/rails and still make killer turns on the mountain.

Magne-traction on the contest scene just stepped up the game with LT ripper Travis Rice who has won on the Magne-traction, THE 2007 US OPEN slopestyle, 2006 x-trail in Japan, 2006 icer air, as well as Silver at the x -games 2007,and 2cd at the 2006 nokia air style in Germany. Other Magne-traction rippers include Sammy Luebke, Eric Jackson, Mark Landvik, Mike DeStasio, JamieLynn, Jeff Boos, Curtis Ciszek and more.

Magne-traction has been out for 3 years now and I have been on the Traction since its start, for me its the only choice. So what are you waiting for get out there and check out online and demand Magne-traction at your favorite local shop and choose to become part of the Magne-traction movement..Hey while your on the Lib Tech website check out the newest innnovation from the technormous bro-knowlogist called the Skate Banana..... Enjoy

jeff boos

"Let's Ride!"






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