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Interview with Teenage Snowboard Entrepreneur Bennet Greene

by Lauren Traub Teton
posted 10/3/05

You are a 17-year old with a snowboard company, correct?

I don't really think of age as an issues however, I feel that if someone can get the job done, and make whoever they are doing that job for happy, then who they are or how old they are plays no part.

How and when did you come up with the idea?

It was started about a year and a half ago when I wanted some way to keep in touch with my friends from Boulder, Colorado. The company is located in Boulder, CO. That's where I'm from, but I'm living in the Northeast now.

How does this business help you keep in touch with your friends?

My closest friends all work for me. So whenever we have boards that need testing or trade shows we can all take a trip together. These things happen much more often than school breaks so we get to see each other on work trips and school breaks. It works out nicely.

How did you get it all going?

We started by thinking of a name, MooCow came naturally because we are weird. After that we continued by getting trade marks and such for logos and the name. After all that we registered to get into the SIA show and went to it. Since then we have just been organizing for the season and the trade show.

How is your business financed - where did you get the money?

We have a private loan contract that is very flexible to our needs.

How and why did you come up with the cow concept for the name?

Cows have always been something my friends and I have thought were funny. When thinking of a name it was just the first thing that came to mind. We strive for the funny because thatıs what we like to think we know.

What's different about your boards?

Our boards have many qualities that others do and don't have. Besides the normal qualities a good board would have, we have such things as modified wood cores to make the boards lighter and have great flex. Our graphics are also different than any other company out there. (Check out the site at

How are they distributed?

Our boards are shipped directly from the manufacturer to arrive when ever the shop needs them. All of our boards are waiting partially made so that they can be distributed as soon as needed.

How do you go to school and run your business?

I have worked out my schedule so that I leave the school by a certain time every day which makes sure I have time for everything. Also most of the people I work with are either in Colorado or California, a two or three hours earlier than me. This makes for extra time for me to get things done cause work doesn't start till after lunch.

Are you profitable, or when do you expect to be?

Because almost all of our employees are friends of mine and are still in school, all of the money that is made goes back into the company. So to be honest we really don't know or care a whole lot about where we are financially as long as we can keep making our product.

Will you have a snowboard team this season?

We would like to have a snowboarding team as soon as possible but there has to be a screening process. We also need to figure out how much we want to give toward a team financially.

Or sponsor any events?

We sponsor Windells, a snowboarding camp in MT. Hood, Oregon. It is an amazing place that all sorts of different levels of snowboarders go to, from beginners to pros. Their park is amazing and the people there are very nice. We also sponsored a school fundraiser for hurricane relief. Right now that has been the only things we've done.

Who do you admire in the world of snowboarding?

There are so many people who I've met and adore, or who I would like to meet. Some of my favorite pros are both the Jeremy Jones and Matt Hammer. That is just to name a couple of the large number I would be stoked to meet.

Shout outs?

To anyone who knows me Moo.

(ed.) Read Bennet's profile on

"Let's Ride!"






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