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Think Youíre Too Old to Learn to Snowboard? Bah!
Read about Gordon Lee, born on November 28, 1931.

He started snowboarding a few years ago when he was 71 - As an alternative to his skiing!

Gordon Lee, interviewed in 2004 by Lauren Traub Teton

I see from your sign-up for the Snowboard Szine newsletter, that you are a 72-year old snowboarder. And I thought I was old to be a snowboarder. LOL!
When and how did you happen to start snowboarding, Gordon?

I was a skier for 10 years or so, on and off. Well, I started in college, then came back to skiing after I retired at 59.

What made you try snowboarding?
The kids looked like they were having so much fun.

Did you take a lesson?
Yes, a beginner lesson, my first time out.

How many lessons?
Just one lesson. I kept falling at first. I twisted my ankle coming off the lift.

Yes, I did that once on ice, right after coming off a broken ankle. Fortunately, no damage done.

My rear end, my wrists, my knees. Not too bad. I put some sponge padding on my rear end, foam camping padding. After first time I got the idea to use the padding. I used ski poles to balance myself. Later on I catch on. I ride goofy, I curve to the right and itís harder to go left. I was finally brave enough to curve left. I made the turn, but still fell down a lot. I leaned back instead of into the turn.

When did you start?
Last season. I went snowboarding about 10 times. I started in November 2003.

What are you doing now to stay in shape?
Now swimming, teaching the kids to swim. I plan to go back to snowboarding and skiing this winter. I ski in the morning and snowboard in the afternoon. Depends how the runs are.

What will you be working on this season?
Iím gonna try riding switch. I have 2 boards, longer, and shorter. Iíll spend some time on the longer board this season. Iím on the green runs. I want to try blues.

Are you gonna jump?
I donít know yet.

Do you keep your edges sharp?
I plan to learn to do that myself.

Lauren, what do you recommend for videos?
Riderís Ed.

The reason Iím in such good shape is I go to the gym every other day. I work out for 90 minutes cardio, weight lifting. I hike, I swim. Iím learning to kayak.I go to church a lot. It keeps me spiritually in tune.

Do you enjoy snowboarding?
I enjoy both snowboarding and skiing. Right now Iím better at skiing so it is easier. I snowboard and ski mostly for exercise. Snowboarding seems like more fun. Itís still new for me. If I get a little better Iíll prob enjoy it more.

Where do you ride and ski?
I snowboard locally here, near Los Angeles. Mountain High, Snow Valley is good for beginners, more flat and not too crowded. Sometimes Mammoth.

I do inline skating too, bike riding. Am learning to ride unicycle. I went to bike shop and saw one hanging from the ceiling. I lean between doorposts.

I wear elbow pads. I havenít tried sky diving yet but I might. But I think snowboarding is plenty of fun.

Thanks Gordon, for sharing your enthusiasm for snowboarding, your other sports, and life in general. You are an inspiration.

2006 Update

Gordon, what are your snowboard plans for this season?

Hi Lauren;
Recently I've been trying to keep my body in a better health. Beside doing my exercise, I have been detoxifying my body by fasting on fresh juices and veggies. I felt much better at my age of 75. Fasting will eliminate toxins from the pollution we breathed, and junk foods we ate. If you are interested in this matter, I highly recommend this book by Don Colbert, MD "Toxic Relief". You can get this book in AMAZON.COM

When the snow falls in Southern Cal., my wife and I will head up to the hill for snow boarding and skiing. Best of health and God bless,

G. Lee



"Let's Ride!"






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