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Loon Mountain's "Last Call" with Eastern Boarder - $6000 Contest

Six-Thousand Dollars up for Grabs at Loon Mountain's Last Call with Eastern Boarder

Photos and Story by Phil Mathews

LINCOLN, NH - With $6,000 on the line at Loon Mountain for the sixth annual Last Call with Eastern Boarder on Wednesday, March 22, everyone showed up with hopes of dominating the course, winning the cash, and eating some free food. In addition to the money, riders were also competing for an all expense paid trip to Snowboarder Magazines Super Park, an Oakley Watch, a Lib Tech Snowboard and two XBox 360ıs with Amped 3.

Eighty-one competitors registered for the day-long contest and some of the best pro and am riders in the East, including Burton riders Yale Cousino and Chris Rotax, made the trip to Loon. The day kicked off with a one hour session of a step-down double jump, simply put, itıs a huge kicker with a 6ı section missing near the beginning and a 30ı step-down landing. Riders had to gap to the jump and then huck themselves off the step-down. With Oakley rep and unofficial MC Nelson Wormstead behind the mic, Burton Snowboards own Brandon Halberstadt initiated the start of the contest with a super laid out backflip that turned on the creative thinking of the competitors. Spins, flips, butters and crashes were demonstrated throughout the hour long jam but couldnıt compare to Ryan ŒRawı Kitterageıs flawless backside 3 to butter to frontside 5 off ­ this trick won him an Xbox 360 and Amped 3 Game. On the ladies side, Melissa Millar and Colleen Quigley were throwing down with big straight airs and 180ıs off the step down.

Following the jump portion of the contest, riders moved down to the LMP signature 30' wall ride, 15' quarterpipe, 10' Loon NH log ride and street spine. Handplants were a growing favorite throughout this portion of the contest among the men, women and Snowboarder Magazineıs Pat Bridges. The log ride proved to be a difficult but entertaining feature to watch as unofficial rider Mike Gonsalves was one of the first to hit the log with a nose pick about half way up. The Main Event overall winner Russ Collins was soon to follow with a 50-50 up 360 back in. The street spine featured Cousino, Rotax, Eamon Ruberia, Niko Cioffii, Andre Beriau, Colleen Quigley, and Melissa Millar showcasing some tech lip work with stalls, handplants and slashes while Ian Thorley found ways to lay out backflips off the side of the quarter.

Over on the wall ride Scott Stevens was pulling some stylish foot plants, Waterville Valley Academyıs Scott Kuchinki was 50-50 stalling on top of the wall ride and Tom Œthe tomcatı Peplinski was trying mctwists from the wallride over the channel gap to the quarter. Peplinski, in addition to building the course as a Loon Mountain park groomer, walked away with the Oakley Judge Watch for his ride up, stall and fakey down the log.

After a quick BBQ and Red Bull lunch break, competition wrapped up on the box and rail setup. While the always entertaining Chaz Gouldemond just came off a second place slopestyle win at the Open, he wasnıt on hand to impress everyone with his flips on and off obstacles as he did during last years contest. Instead, Kitterage didnıt let us down with backboards to backflips off the Eastern Boarder Ledge ­ this thing had a huge drop to flat landing. Chris Grenier, coming off a win at Loonıs Shop Showdown a week prior, demonstrated some serious technical skills on the street setup and took home an Xbox 360 and Amped 3 game. Sky Gale, Rotax, Tim Humphreys, Tanner Pendelton, Sam Hulbert, Bode Merrill and Shaun Murphy were a few other standouts on the rails.

Although the sun poked out only a few times, it was a great day for riding, hanging out with friends and chilling with some of the best riders on the East Coast.

Winners Men:

Ryan Kitterage - $2000 and an all expense paid trip to Snowboarder Magazines Super Park

Bode Merrill - $700 and Lib Tec Snowboard

Russ Collins - $300

Winners Women:

Colleen Quigley - $2000

Melissa Millar - $700

Monique Hyman - $300

Last Call with Eastern Boarder is possible with support from event sponsors Eastern Boarder, Red Bull, Oakley, Vans, Lib Tech, Snowboarder Magazine and Amped 3.

Photos from the event can be found at or by emailing or

# # #

Photos By Phil Mathews (click for larger versions)
Colleen Quigley
Colleen Quigley shows the crowd the steeze of her melon grab
Yale Cousino
Yale Cousino backside stall on the log street spine
Ryan Kitterage
Ryan Kitterage throwing down in the background with his backboard to backflip
Eamon Ruberia
Eamon Ruberia frontside 50-50 stall on the spine
Niko Cioffii
Niko Cioffii front nose on the stair rail
Last Call
six foot high japan two finger hold to fakey on the quarter
Chris Rotax
Chris Rotax rock-to-fakey on the spine

Ryan Kitterage getting up to the top of the log
Sky Gale
Sky Gale front smith on the street rail
Ian Thorley
Ian Thorley back hand nose grab 3 of the step-down
Graham Hoffman
Graham Hoffman steezed out melon spin
See You Next Year!


"Let's Ride!"






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